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Established in 1982
At IWAA, we aim to lead and deliver quality services to empower and support individuals and communities. IWAA’s focus is on delivering services that respond to community needs. Visit our ‘About’ page to learn more.
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IWAA was established in the year … …

Galila Abdelsalam OAM

Message from Our CEO

For over twenty-five years, IWAA has been delivering Aged Care Support, Disability Support, Settlement Support, and Community Development Services across Queensland. In 2017, we responded to the demand from communities in Sydney for culturally-appropriate Aged Care and Disability Services in this region and officially launched our Sydney service in July 2017. The 8th of July, 2018 saw the official launch of our Melbourne office.

Moving forward, we will strive to:

Continue to identify and address community needs.
Ensure that continuous improvement remains at the cornerstone of all of our practices and service deliveries.
Effectively market and promote our services, so that both internal and external stakeholders have a clear understanding of our vision, goals, and practices.
Upskill and develop our human resources through the establishment of a performance-based culture that delivers through teamwork.
Galila Abdelsalam OAM

Meet the Team


IWAA Goals, Values and Locations


Team members


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Our Goals

IWAA has four primary goals, these are

1. Continuing to grow, expand and diversify
2. Establishing a reputation for service excellence
3. Communicating effectively with all stakeholders
4. Building and valuing our workforce

Our Values

We ensure that our values underpin our work. These include but are not limited to…

1. Providing services with integrity that are accessible to all,
2. Making positive changes in people's lives,
3. Achieving the best outcomes for communities.
4. Treating people with respect and justice,

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Established in 2012

We provide high quality services since 2012


IWAA was established as IWAQ in the year 1990


The significant milestone was

Sydney Office

Launch of Sydney office in year

30 years


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HR Manager

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NDIS and CAMS Manager

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