Staying in touch with community and remaining socially active is important for our wellbeing. Knowing you will be doing something social on a regular basis provides a stable and consistent routine.

At IWA Australia we understand the importance of social connections, so whether you enjoy a structured weekly catch-up in a group setting, or a home visit with one of our home care employees, IWA is here for you.

Our Social Support Groups are held in our very own hall, onsite at Watland Street, Springwood. We also host a social support group outing once a week on a Thursday. Activities include picnics or BBQs at parks, beaches, other public areas; boat rides, parks, the beach,

Social Support Groups – Onsite

On Monday and Tuesday we host our social support groups at our Springwood venue. We provide morning tea, lunch, activities and the opportunity to connect and socialise with other group members.

Social Support Group – Outings

Once a week we host a social support group excursion offsite. Destinations vary but have recently included local parks, beaches and shopping centres.

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